C.) Contacts & Directions

New Life Apostolic Church

Church - Frontal21446 Schoolcraft Road
Detroit, Michigan 48223
Phone: (313) 535-0606

Email: newlifeapblog@gmail.com

Web Blog:

For a map to the church click HERE

8 Responses to C.) Contacts & Directions

  1. Michelle Parks says:

    Hello! I want to know if you have a deaf interpreter in your church? Please let me know…
    Thank you, Michelle


  2. Amber Fernitz says:

    This is Amber from Ruby Tuesday! =)


    • brokin27 says:

      Hey Amber!

      Marjorie Kinnee here. Glad to hear from you. It was such a pleasure to see you yesterday. What a beautiful smile you have!

      We’re praying for you and with you that you will be blessed with every good thing Jesus has planned for your life. See Jeremiah 29:11-13.

      Have a wonderful week!


      • Amber Fernitz says:

        This is Amber Fernitz from Ruby Tuesday! Haven’t seen any of you in awhile. I am just checking in and making sure all is well! :)


      • Amber! So good to hear from you. Sorry about not being able to connect with you. The last few times we’ve been to Ruby Tuesday’s you were not on duty. We asked, but they said you weren’t working that day. Currently we’re practicing every Sunday between services to prepare for our Easter program. So, for the time being, we are “potlucking” in order to have plenty of time for practicing. Once the Easter program is behind us, we’ll be free to do a Ruby Tuesday day again. Love you and surely do appreciate your many kindnesses to us all!

        Marjorie Kinnee


  3. Baptist pastor in India requests prayer for himself, his wife, and the orphans and widows they are serving.


  4. With apologies – but we are unable to read or respond in Portuguese or Spanish.


  5. Chad Melerowicz says:

    I have left many a tear on the front right pew and the alter there…
    Bro. Chad Melerowicz


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