Be A Hearer


Our Father in Heaven, who is the creator of all things, is a God who desires to communicate with mankind. Endeavoring to relay his thoughts, God speaks to mankind, and, those who have ears to hear, will hear his voice.

Recently, studying the account of Noah and flood, we see that God spoke to Noah about building an Ark of gopher wood for the saving of life. (Genesis 5-10) Noah heard God’s voice, and, Noah obeyed him. He was a hearer and a doer.

For this reason, we are blessed to be here. We should be like Noah, and, have ears to hear. Because, what we received just might be more important than we think.

Live and be a blessing!

About New Life Apostolic Church

New Life Apostolic Church is located in Detroit, Michigan. It's address is: 21446 Schoolcraft Road, Detroit, MI 48223 Pastor Ken Foreman ~ Bishop Charles R. Grisham Services: Sunday - 10:00 a.m. Wednesday - Bible Study & Youth @ 7:30 p.m. Church Phone: (313) 535-0606 Church Website:
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