Praise Reports and Testimonies

“…but prayer was made without ceasing of the church unto God for him.” (Acts 12:5b)



****UPDATE**** Joyce St. Clair in having chemo treatments has been unable to eat well. We are rejoicing with her as she has begun to be able and want to eat! It may be just scrambled eggs but it is food and norishment to her. HE is still working!! 4/17 As of our last update Joyce is doing better! We got to enjoy her in service a few weeks ago. Her spirits were up and she was rejoicing in being able to be in a Wednesday service with us. We love you and are praying for you!!5/1

June 2017 Our update is final and God is SO Good! As of this update Joyce has been declared clear of cancer by her doctors! This has been more than a year long process! But God has kept her through it all. God’s many blessings on her family and continue to bless her in all things!

***UPDATE**** Charles Easter We recieved a report just this week that his cancer levels are down to 24. This is a significant drop in the last few months. God is working! 4/17 Just this week Charles was in service with us on Wednesday. We love having him with us. may God continue to work in his situation! To God be the GLORY!!!! 5/1

Charles Easter – Rejoicing with him as we found out the prostate cancer he has been fighting for the last few years has gone into remission. We know our God is able! 3/20



Flemmings Family – rejoicing in the blessing of God. The bank holding their mortgage recently sent them a letter stating their home was now theirs – free and clear. Their mortgage, something in excess of $90,000.00 has been marked “paid in full.”

2014 MaryBeth Wholters – had three major surgeries on October 11, 2013 and has had many problems since, with complications, infection, and blood clots. On November 19, a second surgery was performed in an attempt to repair these residual complications from the first surgery. Her general health continued to dwindle through into January 2014. On January 26th, during the morning service, special prayer was made, focusing on MaryBeth’s needs. At the very same hour, (she was at home,) the Lord gave her a visible sign that He had touched her body. Since then, she has been steadily improving, her strength is returning, and she is much encouraged by the power and presence of the Lord Jesus!

Nailah Brown – testifies how God has blessed her life since her conversion: her blessings include baptism in Jesus’ Name, her marriage, a pregnancy that she was told by the doctors was not possible, and a thriving start-up business.

New Life – is rejoicing over the “Harvest during the year, 2013!


Prior Years…
Sis. Olga Castiglione
– (“Mama C”) prayer was made concerning congestive heart failure. The Lord answered and she is now recuperating!
Sis. Peggy Locust – (in Fayetteville, NC,) prayer was made concerning intractable pain… Sis. Peggy reports complete healing and is giving all the glory to God!
Sis. Marjorie Kinnee – is rejoicing with her grandchildren. Clara received the Holy Ghost on Tuesday, July 27 in St. Louis, MO at the Junior Bible Quizzing Finals. (It was also Sis. Kinnee’s Holy Ghost anniversary – July 27, 1952!) Then, on Sunday evening, August 1st in Portsmouth, Virginia; Clara, Bethany and Charity were each baptized in Jesus’ Name. What a thrill! “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.” (III John 4)
Sis. Frances Grisham and the entire Grisham family are rejoicing with her brother-in-law, Bill. He received the Holy Ghost in Tulsa, Oklahoma on July 25th in the evening service. What a wonderful answer to prayer!
Sis. Irina Anikieva – is rejoicing in the baptism of her grandmother (in Russia). Irina has been teaching her grandmother by telephone and she has believed and obeyed the Word of the Lord. She was baptized in the home of her son, (Irina’s father,) and all are basking in the glow of God’s mercy, grace, and saving power.

New Life – is rejoicing over the 5 who were recently baptized in Jesus’ Name!

Sis. Betty Austin – (Sterling Heights, MI,) friend of the Apostolic Writers Digest and frequent contributor of articles, had a heart catheterization Wednesday, September 9th. It was revealed that she has had a heart attack some while back. The doctors were seeking to learn the extent of the damage and determine their further course of action. We are praising the Lord for a good report! The blockages were only 30 and 40% and no additional procedures or medications will be necessary. Sis. Betty was able to come home that day, has completely recovered, is feeling really good, and is thankful for how the Lord brought her through.

Baby John King – (Portsmouth, VA,) premature infant born with serious lung problems. Doctors felt he would not be able to come home until his actual due date (which was the end of August). “But prayer was made…” the Lord intervened and little John has improved in every way. He’s now taking eight bottles per day! This was the significant milestone which allowed him to come home early – July 17th! 

Janine Jeffrey – the paperwork for Janine’s South African passport has been in progress for a very long time. It is necessary for her to have it in order to visit with her family in South Africa and be able to return to the States afterward. “But prayer was made…” and the Lord has blessed. Janine received her passport on July 8th!

Takara Wholters – 5 year-old child, was suffering from an unexplained swelling and inflamation since Sunday (June 28th).  “But prayer was made” in the child’s home church and here at New Life during the Monday evening family prayer meeting. The Lord has intervened – the swelling and inflammation have subsided overnight and she is feeling much better Tuesday, June 30th!

Don Warfield – was suffering from back problems, unable to bend over and could not tie his own shoes. “But prayer was made…” on a recent Sunday evening… Monday morning, Don came into the kitchen saying to his wife, “Look!”  He bent over and placed his hands on the floor – and then showed her that he had tied his own shoes!

LeBrun Jackson, Jr. – 10 year-old LeBrun was taken to Children’s Hospital. It was thought that he had a brain lesion or tumor that was likely cancerous. “But prayer was made…” The church prayed on Sunday morning, Pastor Foreman visited LeBrun and his family at the hospital that afternoon and prayed again. Monday Pastor Foreman received a phone call from LeBrun’s father that additional scans revealed that the lesion, which was previously the size of one’s little finger, was now the size of the head of a needle. The cancer cloud was lifted as God intervened on young LeBrun’s behalf!

Mary Beth Wholters – In 2005, the Lord spoke through the ministry that all would be well in Mary’s body. Yet, after dealing with continual tests for cancer over a five-year period, Mary was scheduled for another exploratory surgery. “But prayer was made…” Her pastor (in Jacksonville, Florida,) came to pray before this surgery. In addition, a prayer cloth had been sent to her from New Life Apostolic (her home church). Mary tucked the prayer cloth into her hospital gown’s pocket as she was wheeled into surgery. A week later, at her post-surgery appointment, the oncology doctor said, “There is no cancer. The biopsies are negative. From now on you only need normal annual physical exams – so, you are discharged from my care.”

Shane – (Brunswick, GA,) Friend of Pastor Foreman, was suffering with severe back pain and unable to work. He requested prayer and a prayer cloth was sent. Since receiving it he is up, walking and working again, and is rejoicing in the healing touch of the Lord.

Darius – 2 year-old child suffering with Cystic Fibrosis, (whose grand-mother works with one of the ladies from New Life,) was not gaining weight because of his illness. His doctors scheduled surgery to implant a feeding tube. Grandma requested prayer and a prayer cloth was sent through her to the family prior to surgery. the Lord touched Darius and he came through surgery with flying colors. Darius began gaining weight and is able to help take care of his own surgical site. Grandma reports that his weight gain is now 3 pounds! His doctors are thrilled with his progress. Darius and his family are thankful to the Lord for answered prayer!

Joyce St. Clair – was laid off from her job. Joyce believed and requested prayer, the church prayed and she has returned to work… in Michigan’s “down” economy! Praise the Lord!

LeBrun Jackson, Sr. – Out of work – requested prayer on Sunday – was called for two job interviews on Monday! He was Baptized in Jesus’ Name (along with his two sons,) on Easter Sunday morning – then LeBrun received the gift of the Holy Ghost on Friday at the men’s retreat in Marshall, Michigan – just like the Bible says! God answers prayer!


1 Response to Praise Reports and Testimonies

  1. Keila Fischer says:

    The Lord has done so much for the Fischer family. I will never forget the night that New Life had an altar call and Ray was healed of Crohn’s through prayer that night at the altar. When we left Church he knew he had been touched. About 3 months later the doctors at U of M took him off all Crohns medication. They were all amazed at the mercy and power of Jesus. What an honor it is to be able to pray for each other!


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