Ladies Ministry

Sis. Pauline ForemanContact: Sis. Pauline Foreman

Welcome to the Ladies Ministry of New Life Apostolic Church!

The Ladies Ministry was designed with you in mind, in order that you may grow closer to the Lord and your sisters in Christ. This is a very important part of our outreach at New Life. Women have always played a vital role in the work of the Lord. In such a time as this we need all women to bond together in the spirit of unity, that we might win souls to the Kingdom of God. Come and be a part of this fellowship; it will enrich and strengthen you in the things of God.

We welcome your comments and questions. Please feel free to use the comments section located at the bottom of this page and address your comments to Sis. Pauline Foreman.


Here are photos from the recent New Life Ladies Luncheon…

Note: For additional resources especially focused on women and today’s challenges, we offer a link which will direct you to the UPCI Women’s site… More to Life  


Upcoming Events:

1 Response to Ladies Ministry

  1. Keila Fishcer says:

    I love my Pastor’s wife. She is an inspiration on this walk to live closer to Jesus. The love of Jesus, the Word, and the Church radiates from her beautiful face. For any ladies out in this world without a church family, you need to come to New Life. You will be taught how to be a godly woman, mother and wife. You may not always be comfortable but that is when we grow.


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