Men’s Ministry

Contact: Berris Flemmings

New Life Apostolic Church – Men’s Fellowship

Mission:  To provide a proactive means to develop, maintain, and strengthen the men of the church, thus producing strong men of God.

  • Goal – To promote a deeper relationship between the brethren and with God.
  • Goal – To promote growth and talent in the church.

Let us soar to higher heights together,
giving all the praise and glory to Jesus,
our soon coming King!


New Life Men’s Fellowship

Saturday, February 6, 2010 at 9:00 a.m.
Golden Corral Restaurant
on Warren near Newburgh Road
Come and bring a friend!

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For additional information and resources especially for men, we offer a link to the Apostolic Man – a website sponsored by the United Pentecostal Church International.  


We’d love to hear from you! Please feel free to use the comments section located at the bottom of this page and address your remarks to Bro. Berris Flemmings. 









3 Responses to Men’s Ministry

  1. Jonathan says:

    Praise the Lord! What an awesome time we had this morning in the Lord! It was great to fellowship with the brethren at Golden Corral in Westland, where the abundance of food kept our stomachs full! My friend Don and his cousin Esa came which was also a blessing! Pastor talked, down to earth, about our role as a Christian man in in our marriages and life in general. He also opened it up for everyone to get a chance to speak to learn from one another – “As iron sharpenth iron…” Bro. Berris Flemmings and Bro. Paul Freidman did a great job setting up the Men’s Prayer Breakfast!
    All for Jesus! Amen!


  2. Jonathan says:

    Thank the Lord for our Unwavering, God-Fearing Brother’s in Christ at New Life Apostolic Church, and all over the world who are leading their family’s in the Love & Obedience of Jesus Christ! Keep us men in prayer as we fulfill the callings the Lord has called us to!

    Proverbs 20:29 – “The glory of young men is their strength: and the beauty of old men is the gray head.”


  3. Jonathan says:


    Teach me the measure of my days,
    Thou Maker of my frame;
    I would survey life’s narrow space,
    And learn how frail I am.

    A span is all that we can boast,
    An inch or two of time;
    Man is but vanity and dust
    In all his flower and prime.

    See the vain race of mortals move
    Like shadows o’er the plain;
    They rage and strive, desire and love,
    But all the noise is vain.

    Some walk in honor’s gaudy show,
    Some dig for golden ore;
    They toil for heirs, they know not who,
    And straight are seen no more.

    What should I wish or wait for, then,
    From creatures earth and dust?
    They make our expectations vain,
    And disappoint our trust.

    Now I forbid my carnal hope,
    My fond desires recall;
    I give my mortal interest up,
    And make my God my all.

    ~Isaac Watts


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