My Test

A Poem By Bishop Charles R. Grisham


Thru’ fountains of tears my soul doth reach for Thee,
O’er mountains of fears my heart cries out to see,
The cool valleys of rest that long have evaded me,
Oh hasten this test to triumphant victory.

Long nights of remorse of years that were wasted,
Now free from sin’s curse, Heaven’s joys I have tasted,
Life’s song, verse by verse, I’ll sing until daybreak,
Quenching doubt as I thirst to win for His Name’s sake.

I’ve been tried in the fire, I can say He is faithful,
I was dug from the mire, indeed I am grateful,
Glad morning of rapture, deliverance is nearing,
Bright dawning of grandeur, His glory endearing.

Each trial his its measure of intended glory,
We seek Heaven’s treasure at end of life’s story,
I’m pressing and striving, by faith, it’s my best,
Lord, grant through my trying, I’ll pass this my test!


Note: This poem, beloved among the writings of Charles R. Grisham, was written a number of years ago, during a time of great trial. It has ministered to thousands in the intervening years, particularly for those who are yearning to pass their individual times of testing.

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