B.) Welcome!

Pastor & Sis. Ken Foreman welcome to New Life Apostolic Church Now!

This is the end of your search for a friendly church. We worship the Lord Jesus Christ together in Spirit and in Truth. Our hearts are knit together in love and the joy we find in serving Jesus is contagious! 

New Life is under the capable leadership of Pastor & Mrs. Ken Foreman. We are truly blessed with their godly, anointed ministry and vision.

New Life Apostolic Church has been a  landmark on Schoolcraft Road (between Burt Road & Outer Drive,) in the Brightmoor area of Detroit’s west side since 1935! The founding Pastor was Rev. Luther Johnson. Subsequent pastors include Glen Robinson, Allen Bouren, Weldon Worthley, and Paul Leaman. Pastor & Mrs. Charles R. Grisham assumed the pastorate of New Life in 1974 and faithfully served for over thirty-two years and are now serving as our Bishop. In July 2007, they retired to Ashland City, Tennessee, and resided there until the end of 2013. They are now living in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

God bless you, and thank you for your visit to our site. As you browse through these pages, we hope to introduce ourselves and give you a little taste of what “New Life” is all about. More importantly, we seek to magnify the Lord Jesus in every aspect of our lives and to enable those who hunger and thirst to know more about Him and to find a full, rich, rewarding personal walk with God.

We pray you’ll visit us in person soon!




Note: You will find a short history of New Life Apostolic Church in the pages listed in the column on the right. Scroll down to the page entitled, New Life – Through the Years…, click on it, and you will be able to view a little of our early history, (through the testimony of an eyewitness,) and a wealth of photos spanning the years.

We welcome your comments.

8 Responses to B.) Welcome!

  1. Man! I didn’t know that you were pastoring now! Praise God.

    God has opened up some doors for us also. My wife Shavon and I now pastor a daughter work here in St. Cloud, MN.

    My prayers are with you and the church family. Say hi, to Brother Grisham for me.


  2. Dear Pastor Ken
    God bless you sir, and hope all is well. I really enjoyed your website today and I really know that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is really using you. I am Minister Michael Blessing Kowah, living in Ghana with my family. My wife and I are both Liberians. We were led by the Spirit of God to please let your personal life and ministry be a mentor to our family. We are all praying that this relationship can be built up by the Spirit of God. You really do not know us, but the Spirit of God can make us known to you. We hope we can hear from you and from more communication we can know each other. I Hope to hear from you.
    May God bless you


  3. Hi! Nice to see you! Greetings and blessing to you in your ministry.
    Republic of Armenia Yerevan
    Foreign Mission UPCI


  4. Njoki Wainaina says:

    Praise God, Saints! Your site blessed me. I was searching for day care for my toddler and found this site. I am your sister in Christ …in the Brightmoor area. I love learning more and more about Jesus, the Father, and the Holy Spirit. I am excited about God’s Word. God bless you and keep you both. Thank you for your sacrifice of love. Be encouraged.


  5. Paul Kliman says:

    My brother-in-law, Marty, is in need of prayer. He has been in the hospital for 17 days and they are unable to determine the cause of his illness. He is open to a visit for prayer.


  6. Praise the Lord Jesus,
    I am a member of New Life Tabernacle in Tampa, Fl -Pastor D. Davy
    It is nice to see Apostolic Faith ministries in other states. Our work is not done so join us in prayer for the gathering of lost souls to become family in Christ Jesus through the Holy Ghost.


  7. detroitpastor says:

    Sister Kinnee, You do a great job on our web-site with updates and keeping it looking fresh.
    Thanks for all you do.
    Bro Foreman


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